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Ski lift BBK

Ski lift type BBK is by its structure placed between lifts of so called light design. It is designed for general public, especially for beginners. Its placement is suitable for smaller ski slopes, eg. by recreational cottages. The lift meets the highest operational and safety criteria.

Technical description
Ski lift type BBK is designed as a transferable, ie. without use of stable anchoring elements. It consists of load tensioning drive station, track of the lift that consist of supports with sheave assemblies and return station. Any fall out of the cable from groove of the sheave assembly is indicated by position sensor of the cable, which ensures immediate shut down of the drive. Using the drive with frequency converter enables to control the speed and smooth moving off of the skiers. It is equipped with brake of reverse run against the back lift movement. Towing of skiers up the slope is ensured by firm attaching of short telescopic carrier, that provides considerable stability and the ability to support skiers. The ski lifts are manufactured and delivered in partnership with SSZ Blahuta spol. s r. o.

Technical specification – one seat ski lift
Operating speed – 0.2 – 2.6 m/s
Drive output – max. 11 kW
Theoretical transport capacity – 900 persons/hour
Transport cable diameter – 12.5 mm
Track gauge– 2.5 m