Realization in year 2009
Gearboxes of converyor belts 100 kW + spare parts 8 sets Ferram Opava
Gearboxes of conveyor belts 55 kW + spare parts 10 pcs Ferram Opava
Shunting device NV 80ŠR, Čierna nad Tisou, Durban Bratislava
Shunting device NV 200, Čierna nad Tisou, Durban Bratislava
Spare parts for lifts, export LST, Germany
Spare parts for chairlifts SBS Wopfner, Austria

Selected deliveries carried out by the company TRANSMISIE SB, s.r.o., since year 2000 up to year 2008

Shunting devices:
LPZ 100, HOLCIM Rohožník
LPZ 30, Holcim Vlkanová
PZ 3, Chemopetrol Litvínov
LPZ 30, Precheza Přerov /renovation + general overahaul/
LPZ 30, Duslo Šaľa

Gearboxes PK 237, PK 237.1 for LPZ
Gearboxes of ski lifts VL 3,5-2-65, KOHÚTKA, Javorníky
Bevel pinions with straight teeth, KVS Košice
Project of planetary gearbox for chair lift, SBS Wopfner Austria
Bevel gear, Kappa Štúrovo
Adjustment of worm gearbox UZP CZ 160, Pavimex Ostrava
Adjustment of worm gearbox UCG 250, Kappa Štúrovo
Planetary gearboxex Kappa Štúrovo
Gearboxes of conveyor belts, 200kW, ČEZ Počerady
Gearboxex for filters drive, U.S. Steel Košice
Reparation of planetary gearbox, OKD Ostrava
Project design documentation and repairs of gearboxes, FERRAM Opava
Gearbox TC 108, U.S. Steel Košice
General overahauls of gearboxes St 460 a St 680, LST Germany
Spare parts for spur gear, Kappa Štúrovo
General overahaul of planetary gearbox, Kappa Štúrovo
General overahauls of bevel and spur gearbox, Gumárny Zubří
Planetary gearboxes, U. S. Steel Košice
Planetary gearboxes EPp, Borsodchem Ostrava
Spare parts for bevel and spur gearbox, Mine Staříč
Spare parts for bevel and spur gearbox, Mine Darkov
Planetary gearboxes, Chemopetrol Litvínov
General overhaul of GR Planetary gear with primary helical gear , OKD Ostrava
Spur, and spur and bevel gearboxes, FERRAM Opava
Spare parts for conveyors´ gearboxes, OKD Ostrava
Reparations and renovations of conveyors´ gearboxes, Ferram Opava
Spare parts for conveyors´ gearboxes , HBP Handlová

Ski lifts and chair lifts:
In cooperation with companies LST Loipolder Lenggries and SBS Wopfner Innsbruck we have developed project design documentation and carried out deliveries of machine parts and steel structures for the following chair lifts:
four-seat chair lift Winterberg, Büre Herrloh, Germany 2000
four-seat chair lift Oberaudorf, Hocheck, Germany 2001
two-seat chair lift Winterberg, Slalomhang, Germany 2001
four-seat chair lift Sudelfeld, Bayerischzell, Germany 2002
four-seat chair lift Winterberg, Rauher Busch, Germany 2003
four-seat chair lift Winterberg, Poppenberg, Germany 2004
aerial tramway detachable Rüdesheim, Germany 2005
renovation of detachable chairlift Hocheck, Germany 2007
four-seat chair lift Rauland, Holtarheisen, Norway 2007
two-seat chair lift Are, Sweden 2008
two-seat chair lift Zakopane, Wielka Krokiew, Poland 2008

One-seat hanger LST 200 GL Magnetic
Petříkov, BTM 30 50 pcs
Karlov, Loko Olomouc 50 pcs
Regetovka, 40 pcs
Ski centrum Liptovský Hrádok 60 pcs

Two-seat hanger LST 260 Hydrodynamic
Velká Rača, BLV 2 | 80 pc
Karlov, Ski Opava | 56 pc
Karlov, Kopřivná | 55 pc
MH Engineering | 55 pc
Praděd, Figura | 60 pc

Deliveries carried out in years beween 1991 and 1999 by TRANSMISIE s.r.o., Division of realization and service, Sabinov and Transmisie CZ, Ostrava

Single reduction planetary gearboxes:
Electrical gearbox ETP 3-1-10 for paper machine drive, JIP Papírny Vrané
TP 5-1-3 for use in small hydropower plants, ČKD Turbotechnics
TP 6-1-7 drum drive of paper machine, Kappa Štúrovo

Double reduction planetary gearboxes:
ETP 1,5-2-i for drive of fibre spinning pump, Chemlon Humenné
ETP 2-2-i for drive of shafts of crystallizer, Slovnaft Bratislava
ETP 2,5-2-i for drive of scraper shafts of crystallizer, Slovnaft Bratislava

Triple reduction planetary gearboxes:
ETP 4-3-248 for drive of chain feeders of fuel, ČEZ Elektrárna Počerady

Bevel and spur gearboxes:
KP 200 x i, ČEZ Elektrárna Počerady
KTP 4-2-62, Zázrivá, Malá Fatra (Slovakia)
Bevel gearboxes SP 4 for lifting mechanisms of flood-gates
PK 540, 707, 826 drive of travelling wheels of scraping bridge of waste water treatment plant
PZ 45, 100, 200 drive of screw pumps of waste water treatment plant
TC 5, 15, 45 drive of surface aerators of waste water treatment plant
Gearboxes ZPB 3000, ZŤS Martin
Descending gearboxes EZPB 211, EZPB 211/II, Transmisie CZ Ostrava
Altogether delivered about 800 pieces of various gearboxes

Shunting devices:
LPZ 30 Precheza Přerov
LPZ 100 Cementárny Radotín
LPZ 100 Cementárny Králův Dvůr
NV 30 Teplárny Krnov
LPZ 30 Apleby Calumitte Ostrava
AV 211 Elektrárna Tisová
PV 211 Omya Vápenná
PV 211-mod. Lafarge Čížkovice

Ski lifts:
BTM 30 Petříkov
BTM 30 Zázrivá
BTM DUO Zázrivá
LDT 15 Kohútka
LDT Újezd
LDT 30 Kohútka