Within scope of gear mechanisms and drives we engage in:
Projects of new transmissions according to the request of a customer, including delivery, installation and servicing
Projects for replacement of obsolete drives by new, including optimization and adaptation of the original solution
Carring out repairs and genereal overhauls of gearboxes including their modernization
Comprehensive analyses of the drives in order to increase the technical parameters of the gearbox and the equipment
Application of additional equipment such as frequency converters, acceleration and operation control, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, and so forth.

We supply various types of gearboxes including spare parts:
Planetary gearboxes
Spur gearboxes
Bevel gearboxes
Worm gearboxes
(including their interaction of combination)

Deliveries of gearboxes, repairs and spare parts put into practice:
Ski lifts drives
Drives of sedimentation tanks of waste water treatment plants
Aerators, mixers
Shunting devices of rail cars
Belt, and screw conveyors
Paper machine drives
Rubber press drives